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Balanced  scorecard  is  a  Strategy  Management  tool as  well  as Business  Activity  Management (BAM) tool that enables the corporate to improve its performance in all the critical areas. This facilitates development and deployment of an action-oriented framework for managing your strategy execution.

Enterprise Strategy Ware is easily integrated with your existing applications to compare targeted performance with actual results for performance measurement and analysis. In addition, you may load historical information to get a more accurate assessment of the company's performance.

The tool helps organisations across industry segments to align departmental goals to corporate strategies and to take timely corrective actions.

ESW's dashboard gives a one-shot picture of the health of the company under the four perspectives, namely financial, customer, internal business process and employee/ learning.

The Dashboard provided on the Portal gives:

 Hierarchical view of the Scorecard

 Report, Analyze & Benchmark Performance

 Basic View, Detail View, Tree View of Scorecard

 Performance Graphs & Cause-effect Analysis

 Scenario Analysis based on the Simulations

 Role based user based scorecards

Balanced Scorecard is conceptualized by Harvard Business School faculty David Norton and Robert Kaplan,  the product  Enterprise Strategy Ware translates  mission and strategy  into objectives  and  measures that  are monitored   from four different perspectives: financial, customer, internal business processes and learning & growth.




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