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ILID enables real-time wireless updating of shelf-edge information, in Retail & Warehousing applications.

What happens in a normal store, as the prices are changed, they’ll then change the price at the point-of-sale and they’ll print out a paper label and put it on the shelf. With the Ilid system, what we can do instead is we actually send the price change to the shelf itself, so it means you don’t have to actually print that piece of paper and take it up to the shelf. So if you have for instance, 10 or 20,000 items in your store and, you know, you have to change your prices fairly often as happens in most stores, it means that you don’t have to go through the labour of actually finding those items, changing the prices, so it means we get a lot of benefits – things like labour savings, accurate pricing, etc.

ILID Technology combines secure, dependable communications with low-cost, simple installation and systems integration. The result is an extremely durable, long life Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution that is easy to acquire, easy to systems integrate, easy to install, and easy to operate.

Key features of the ILID Solution:

· 10 year battery life, regardless of usage

· Simplest installation in the industry, leverages existing lighting infrastructure to transmit data

· Cost-effective hardware

· Extremely secure data transmission

· Retail toughened construction, designed to survive the real world

· Integrates existing retail Point Of Purchase (POP) materials (ie shelf talkers) into the Solution

· ILID InfoFlash™ software guides placement of POP, saving significant time & effort

· ILID communication extends to other ILID-enabled devices, such as electronic signage

· 5th Generation solution, first store installed in 1998 and still operational 40,000) labels




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